Top 7 Cool Features of Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass is an exciting new project from Google which combines smart phone technology and real world application. The idea is to create a pair of wearable glasses that will display a variety of information as well as sync up with any Android devices in real-time. Users can use Google Glass to display information about local businesses within their range of vision, as well as see updates from their phone all within a special visor and field of vision interface. Google Glass will quite simply change the way that people see the world and also give people access and control of data like they had never seen before. Currently just a few developers have access to Google Glass in its early version but there is no word of an official release date for the product. It is still in development but there are a number of features that have been reported as standard on Google Glass. Here are some of the top 7 cool features that we will be able to experience when Google Glass comes out.

The Coolest Features of Google Glass

Google Hangouts

Instead of sharing a web cam that faces at you, with Google Glass you can have a hangout that allows you to display exactly what you are looking at to any user that you invite into a Google Hangout. This means that people can experience amazing events with you and you can share moments in your day-to-day life with anyone that you choose. This means that you can invite someone to a Google Hangout or call them and share what you are seeing at any time.

Answering e-mails and texts more easily

Google Glass comes with a variety of voice dictation commands that allow you to very easily answer back texts and e-mails wherever you are. When you receive the text you can simply speak a command into Google Glass to reply to the text and then speak the words that you would like to reply. By saying send, you can then send the text back without ever having to use your mobile device.

Hands-free photos and videos

Just like you can share all of your favorite moments through Google Hangouts. It is just as easy to catalog moments and save everything that you see while you are wearing Google Glass. With simple commands to take videos and pictures, you can capture a photo at any time while you are wearing the device. Photos will then be transferred onto your mobile device and you can very easily share the photos through e-mail or text messaging.

Voice dictation search

Instead of having to pull out a mobile device and search through a variety of data in a real-world situation, you can simply perform a voice dictation search using Google Glass. As you walk into an airport for example Google Glass will connect to the Wi-Fi and pick up the most immediate search data that you need. You can simply ask Google Glass when your flight is arriving and if it is on time, and through the Wi-Fi network your search data will be pulled up right in front of your eyes in real time.


Unlike some other types of car navigation which can be very difficult to look down at and program, you can simply use voice commands to ask Google Glass directions. With the navigation feature on Google Glass you can continue to monitor the road while still seeing your route in the top corner of your visor screen. Turn by turn directions are also given to you just like a regular navigation system.

Google and city integration

Google Glass can display a variety of different information in real time. For example, as you approach a business Google Glass will be integrated directly with the Google Places page for that business. If you have never been into the business before, you can see operating hours, business reviews and more all within your field of vision. Google Glass can also help to prepare you for any cancellations with public transit by telling you where trains are and if they are on time as soon as you enter into a subway station. By changing the settings of Google Glass you can select the type of information that is displayed on your screen and find out information through this integration process without ever having to search for it.

Comprehensive gesture controls

Google Glass will have amazing gesture controls that will allow people to control on-screen functions like they had never done before. Google Glass has specialty controls that allow you to edit functions using your eye movements as well as head movements. These gesture controls make it easy for you to do a lot on-screen without ever having to resort to taking out an android device. With the in-depth voice controls and gesture controls performing functions on Google Glass is very easy and intelligent.


Google Glass sets to revolutionize the portable computer industry. With all of the information that can be presented within our field of vision it will be very exciting to see the applications that Google Glass will be useful in. Stay tuned for more information on release dates and added features to Google Glass.

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