Top 5 Android Apps for Diet and Nutrition

Android Apps for Diet and Nutrition

Why not use mobile phones to keep in track of what you eat? Smart phones and android applications now enable people to do many things aside from making calls and keeping in touch with their social circle. Nowadays, these types of technologies are used to support health and well-being through applications that enable people to stay informed and updated.

Technology Enhances Health

The recent decades opened doors for innovative technologies that prolong human life. Surgeries can now be done with the assistance of robots for precision and less errors, diagnostic tools such as ultrasounds offer 3D technologies for more accurate viewing and diagnosis, and even the simple internet connection enables fast information exchange that enables people to stay constantly informed about a disease and development of its treatment.

Whether it is in a complex or simple form, there is no denying that technology increases the quality of life among people by enhancing health.

Dieters and Weight Watchers

For those in a constant caloric watch, careful monitoring of nutrition and food intake is crucial. Dieters and weight watchers are always in a constant look out for calories and fats, so here are some apps that can help you.

Top 5 Apps for Diet and Nutrition

1. Fooducate

This app is on the top of the list for a number of reasons. Fooducate is a must-have application for android users, as it offers a lot of helpful features. First, this app enables you to scan the barcode of a product to see both its good and bad highlights. From here on you can compare nutritive values and you can select other alternatives that are better, especially if the food has more bad highlights the good ones. Fooducate can analyze a product when it comes to its sugar content (if it has too much glucose or sugar), additives, preservatives, Trans fat, coloring and serving size (if the serving size is confusing). Another advantage of this feature is it is developed by dieticians who have no affiliation to any food manufacturing company, or other food and nutrition agencies.

2. Calorie Counter

From the name itself, this app counts the amount of calories present in food. But this app offers much more than just counting the calories present, making this special is the fact that this application has the single largest food data base of any apps in the Android market. It features over 750,000 foods and the number keeps on growing. The app also enables users to enter food and exercise details so progress of a fitness regimen can be monitored. The calorie counter can calculate the amount of calories and other major nutrients such as proteins, carbs, fats, sugar and fiber. It can also store foods you have eaten and make it available for you for easy access.

3. The Carrot

Bloggers describe the carrot as an “inclusive type” of application, as it is inclusive of many health features to keep you healthy and in shape. Though it encompasses other aspects of health and fitness, the nutrition aspect is something that shouldn’t be missed. The carrot enables users to keep track of their nutrition status by providing in depth caloric and nutritional information.

4. Lose it!

As the name implies, this app concentrates on weight loss. This app helps the user establish weight loss goals and daily caloric budgets. It can also analyze food calorie content and other nutrients.

5. Restaurant Nutrition

If you plan to eat outside, restaurant nutrition is a great app to keep you guided on what to order and what not to eat. This app has information about 100 restaurants and 15,000 food items. Aside apps, you can also visit sites such as Diet to go and eDiets for more tips about nutrition, diet, health and wellbeing. You can even avail of their eDiets coupon and Diet to go promo codes for discounts and other promos.

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