Top 4 Mobile Apps for Healthcare Managers

Healthcare Managers

Smartphone and tablet apps give a huge advantage to savvy healthcare administrators wanting to stay on top of their managerial duties. Apps help keep track of tons of daily details that are necessary to keep a medical facility running smoothly. The best healthcare apps must be easy to implement, are readably accessible, and are overall extremely useful in aiding healthcare managers with their duties.


Medscape is a must-have app for any healthcare professional, including managers. It provides up-to-date news as well as critical alerts in over thirty specialty areas, and has prescribing and safety information for over 8,000 drugs. Medscape also features over 4,000 evidence-based articles written by top physicians. This app makes the list because it is easy to use, free, and available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and BlackBerry devices. Healthcare managers will benefit from using the Medscape app when they need to review patient files and stay current on the latest medical procedures.

ICD HD ( 9 , 10 & HCPCS ) 2012

With the coming changes to medical coding, this app definitely is helpful for any healthcare manager. One important aspect of managing patients files— especially if Medicaid or Medicare is involved— is ensuring that the proper codes are used for billing and diagnoses. This app makes it easy to find the latest 2012 codes found through instant searches and category browsing. With a simple tap, users can see the entire diagnosis as well as the standard description— and even save it for later. The low cost of ICD HD 2012, the easy-to-use interface, and the importance of referencing proper medical codes in patient histories add this app to the list.


Trello is a free app for managing projects, tasks lists, and other processes throughout an organization. While not designed specifically for healthcare management, its easy interface helps managers keep track of what employees received what task. Employees with this app can update their manager on their progress, ensuring a smooth operating procedure. This app makes the list because it takes minimal effort to set up, can be used to communicate with employees, and helps facilitate assigned tasks throughout a medical facility. Trello is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

ROI Calc

For healthcare managers with a bit more responsibility, ROI Calc is a great app for understanding the cost, as well as the Return on Investment (ROI) and break-even point, of implementing new solutions for the healthcare facility. The program will display how much the facility will save and how fast the solution will pay for itself by just filling out a few easy fields. Because ROI Calc will help managers calculate the costs of more expensive procedural modifications, is free, and is simple to use, this app definitely tops the list of the best apps for healthcare managers.

While apps are only a part of a successful administrator’s strategy, they will greatly aid in helping healthcare managers stay current on medical facts and managing their employees time, as well as potential facility upgrade costs.

Janice Brady is a healthcare manager and guest author at Best Healthcare MBA, where she contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Best Online Healthcare MBA Programs.

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