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Sofa Shopping Tips – Finding High Quality Sofa

Sofa Shopping Tips

Sofa as the main furniture in the living room, it plays important role in our daily life. Sofa may be one of the mostly used furniture in our home. It is the place where we stay when we get off work. We have recreational activities with our family on it: watching TV, chatting, playing games, reading. Sofa is also the place where we receipt guests. A piece of high quality sofa is necessary for living room. Just pay attention to sofa frame, internal pad, material and craft when shopping sofa.

Sofa frame

Shake the sofa with two hands repeatedly to check the sofa frame is stable or not. Then discuss with the salesman to have a look at the frame. High quality sofa frame should not be decayed, damaged by worm and have scar, bark, wood-wool on it. Each panel should be hinged by mortise or notch. To know more about finding quality sofas you can visit revamphomegoods.com

Internal pad

The quality of internal pad is also the key to sofa. It decides the comfort of seating on it. The popular material for high quality sofa pad is high elastic foam, polyester wadding and light foam. Pad made of these materials is featured with high flexibility and comfortable feeling when seating on it. The bottom plate of mid-range sofa is mainly consisting of glue pressed fiberboard. The pad on the bottom plate is medium density foam and polyester wadding. People feel a little hard when seating on this kind of pad. The pad has lower performance on flexibility.

Material and craft

We can find leather sofa and fabric sofa on the furniture market. Leather sofa can be divided into whole leather sofa and half leather sofa. Whole leather sofa is expansive. A set of whole leather sofa will use leather of almost ten cows. Durable, good breathability and environmental friendly is the advantage of leather sofa. It’s popular in European and American. Half leather sofa is defined as its name. Not all of it is made of leather. Except the part where people touch directly, the back, bottom and other hidden part of half leather sofa is replaced with artificial leather like PU and PVC. This make the price of half leather sofa is more affordable. The leather of sofa can distinguished with cattle hide and buffalo hide. There is top layer hide, split, third layer leather etc. The leather from Italy and German is famous for conforming to high environmental requirement; excellent color fastness; high elasticity and breathability; high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength. High quality leather sofa must choose top layer cattle hide as material. When shopping leather sofa, you must use your eyes, hand to test it. First observe whether the leather have rich luster, fine texture line. Good leather should not have scar on it. Secondly, touch with your hand. The feel should be flexible and powerful. The wrinkle of seating on it should disappear or unconspicuous.

When shopping for fabric sofa, the cover of seat and back should be looping structure, which means you can change them when they are stained. High grade fabric sofa should have cotton lining. Thick material is more durable. Pilling proof is the necessary requirement. The special fabric material of sofa from professional manufacturers has the feature of low chromatic aberration, high colour fastness, no biasfilling and high stain proof performance. Top grade material also has the function of antistatic and antiflamming. Fabric sofa with fine and closely woven, smooth warp and weft; no exposed joint and strong touch feeling is the best choice. Stich of sewing should be well distributed and straight. The seam crossing should be well-conceived when you tear it.

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